"Electrical science has revealed to us the true nature of light, has provided us with innumerable appliance and instruments of precision, and has thereby vastly added to the exactness of our knowledge"

 -Nikola Tesla

Harnessing the power of nature, then taming it into forms usable by human needs - this is essentially what Smitech does in a nutshell. In Singapore, strict electrical regulations coupled with an entirely underground transmission network (both for space and safety purposes) raises the operating and installation standards above the norm of the world. Add in the need to minimize energy loss and maximize space usage, and one can imagine an exponential increment in complexity.

One needs to look no further than the heart of our city, to find Smitech's fingerprints dabbled everywhere. Approximately 20m beneath the iconic Double Helix Bridge lies a portion of the "Common Service Tunnel". Meant as an infrastructural utility tunnel, the Common Service Tunnel serves as a form of transmission for not only electrical cables, but also water pipes, telecommunication cables, as well as provision for pneumatic refuse collection pipes.

A later addition to the tunnel (this which Smitech was also involved in), was the implementation of a District Cooling System; this which supply chilled water for the air-conditioning of buildings (including Marina Bay Sands, the Marina Bay Financial Centre and One Raffles Quay) in the area through pipes housed within the tunnel. Usage of a district cooling facility - as opposed to the norm of individual cooling within each building, increases the energy efficiency by an approximate 30 percent; not to mention the amount of expensive commerical opportunity space.

Smitech is proud to be involved in expansion works for the Best Airport in the World. To accommodate more passengers in the future, as well as to improve the unity of existing terminals, Singapore Changi Airport has embarked on a development project whereby a new building (JEWEL), will be constructed to integrate the 3 existing terminals. Takenaka Corporation was awarded the contract for the T1E A&A expansion works to Terminal 1 worth S$323M ; of which part of the electrical portion was awarded to Smitech.

Lead by a team of highly experienced Electrical Engineers, Smitech's involvement in paramount national projects is a shining testament to our ability and reliability. Smitech treats each and everyone one of our employee like family; our safety record of 0 incidents since our conception 30 years ago is a matter we play utmost emphasize on - there is perhaps nothing better at the end of the day, than to see your engineers return to their family happy, safe and sound.