"If I had 6 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 4 hours sharpening the axe"

-Abraham Lincoln

Be it man or machine, non can escape erosion from the passage of time. A huge portion of what actually goes on behind infrastrutual establishments in Singapore, resides in upkeeping and rectifying components to withstand wear and tear. Singapore has a water demand of approximately 400 MGD (Million Gallon per Day); refer to picture below for a detailed flowchart of Singapore's water supply network.

An industry with no leeway for downtime, one can only imagine the amount of manpower and machines (along with backups and fail-safes) required to keep to our water system operational 24/7. Smitech is the appointed maintenance contractor for Kranji & Bedok NEWater factory, as well as Lower Selatar, Chestnut Avenue & Choa Chu Kang Waterworks. Our maintenance projects amounts up to an approximately 300 MGD, or 75% of Singapore's water demand.

With the assorted prestige also comes heavy responsibility; the optimal routine in such maintenance projects focuses heavily on preventive maintenance - with 300 million gallons of water passing through the plants we maintain daily, any issues must be discovered and rectified at the root; this which requires utmost diligence, competency and experience with every single micro and macro system within the plants.

Not all things essential are glamorous - With a land area of just over 700 kilometers square, Singapore is a country where land is a premium. The final destination for ashes from Singapore's incineration plants, Pulau Semakau is Singapore's first and only remaining landfill. Smitech is in charge of operation and maintenance of both electrical & mechanical equipment at Tuas Marine Transfer Station and Semakau Landfill. Assisted by machinery to effectively reallocate ash and other waste products, Pulau Semakau is the end of the line of Singapore's waste disposal system.

With essential maintenance projects ranging from the start of the consumption cycle right to the end waste product, Smitech is perhaps Singapore's most trusted contractor for electrical and mechanical maintenance. Since Singapore transited to the status of a developed country, there has been 0 recorded incident in Singapore's history of outages due to shortages of water, or a pileup in our waste disposal system resulting in overflow of refuse. The amount of trust Singapore has for Smitech is self-evident; 30 years in the market without a single negative project or safety related incident - In the maintenance business, no news is good news.